Vassilis Eliades is a professional Hotel and Real Estate photographer.

Based on  the island of Santorini, he shots all around Greece, especially Athens and the Greek islands.

In 2018 he was certified by Blink Media, Inc. – N.Y.  as their official associate of AirBnb Beyond project on Santorini. Likewise in 2019 he collaborates with SWOT Hospitality Athens and becomes their official associate.

He is a graduate of Leica Academy Athens with a specialty in architectural and studio photography. He has both the required experience and the aesthetic quality background which is necessary in this demanding photographic field.

The initial professional assignment for his services by Architectural Offices, Advertising Companies, Hotels, Manufacturers and Hotel Management Companies, become long term associations. The appreciation and trust towards the outcome of his work is the element which transfuses goodwill to final product.